Transported Semen
Collection and Shipping for the 2003/ Season


We will collect and ship on whatever days your mare needs it - including weekends and holidays. A phone call to us when your mare comes into heat or is scheduled for a veterinary visit will be of immense help in planning for your semen shipments. A phone call to us by 3PM (West Coast time) will guarantee that we can collect for you the next day. If you need a shipment on shorter notice, we will try to accommodate you.


Collection Fees: $75 per shipment for semen collection and preparation.

Shipping Rates: We prefer to use Federal Express. Federal Express charges by weight - $30-$45 for "BioFlite", $40-$65 for "Equitainers". If a shipment must arrive on a Sunday or Monday, it has to go by airline. The heightened security measures in effect since 9/11 have made this much more difficult. We must now use a freight forwarder to take the package to the airport and do the paper work. Estimated charges for that service start at $175 per shipment, including airline charges, and are subject to surcharges for after hours and Sunday shipments. We are happy to handle arrangements with the freight forwarder for you, but due to the uncertainty of their schedules and prices, we recommend that you try to avoid weekend shipments.


We have both Hamilton Equitainers and BioFlite "disposable" shipping containers. Supplies allowing, you will have the choice of which type of container you want used.

BioFlite: We have used BioFlite disposable shipping containers extensively for 10 years with good results. They weigh about half as much as Equitainers and therefore cost less to ship. These containers can be returned by regular UPS or surface mail (estimated cost $5).

Equitainers: Equitainers provide slightly better temperature control over long periods of time, but they weigh more and therefore cost more to ship (see Shipping Costs above). Equitainers must be returned to us via an overnight carrier the day after you receive them from us (estimated cost $45). Since you are responsible for the Equitainer until it is returned to us, we advise that you insure the Equitainer for its replacement value of $250.

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